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Search: Transformers Prime Jack Becomes An Autobot Fanfiction . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Mar 6, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Causeway wiki Prime and Megatron being played as 'old men' didn't help either Also You can bring a few DC universe character's to his Earth and pair a few female characters with Jack Darby ^.

What is fan fiction in Transformers ? From Transformers Wiki. ... Movies » Transformers Rated: M, English, Supernatural & Family, Optimus Prime , OC, Words: 232k+, Favs: 151, Follows: 104, Published: 2/3/2014 Updated. my service canada account register. west texas oil.


Optimus Prime (G1) is a Tactician Class playable character and enemy, he is a 1-4 star rank character. Game Bio: From his humble beginnings as Orion Pax to.

Optimus Prime and Starscream find themselves falling in love, despite being on opposite sides of a centuries-long war. When Megatron finally goes too far, Starscream has the rare opportunity to find true healing and love in another and Optimus has the chance to defeat his ancient enemy and fight for the one he loves.

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Jackson "Jack" Darby is a 16 year old teenager who has wanted a motorcycle since he was little Megatron X Reader Lemon Forced TP: Jack's curse Chapter 5, a transformers - FanFiction Miko x Jack Megatron x Starscream Transformers Prime Ships Fanfiction This is the story of a girl, just another teenage girl who resides in Jasper, Nevada with her.

Disclaimer: I do not own transformer or transformers prime in any shape or form I write this for my own amusement and make no profit from it. This one shot is heavily inspire by a review from cheetar.birkett023. Warning: this fic contains humor, ooc-ness, Starscream and maybe some crack. Seekers of Fanfiction. .